Monday, July 6, 2009

Snow Globe Reliquaries

Snow Globe Reliquary #1
Snow Globe Reliquary #2

Snow Globe Reliquary #2 - Open

Snow Globe Reliquary #3

Snow Globe Reliquary #3 - Open

These works came together from a series of installations of my studio and found objects from my studio...How could I contain a large studio installation and place it in a reliquary format? I also explored the idea of these items floating in space, like a snow globe...shake them up and the world would change...I have always been facinated by the context, however, I always felt they were too saccrin to be considered these are the darker side of happy snow globe forms...the contain skulls, animal bones and dirty, discarded objects...If these were to commemorate a vacation, this may not be where most would like to go...They are gritty and real, a place before the vacation...

They are small scale, ranging in size from 3 x 4 inches to 6 x 4 inches, there are eight in the series and the globe forms can turn by the handle on the bottom of the reliquary...

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