Sunday, August 9, 2009

Portable Snow Globe Series

Group - Front of Portable Snow Globes

Group - Front of Portable Snow Globes

Close up - back of Portable Snow Globes

Close up - front of Portable Snow Globes

Small scale, portable art works are the next in a series of Reliquary objects...a collection of objects floating in fluid...the packaging references the vintage, Five and Dime stores, where the packaging were simple and functional, the printing is slightly off and the colors don't always line up on some of the labels...the series totals 1000 works and can be installed in a number of different shapes and ways, depending on the they are purchased, they are removed from the wall, leaving reminants of the past, a ghostly reminder of what was...overall they have a raw feel and are a very affordable way to own your own reliquary!